So here’s the deal. We are starting a newsletter. Someone put their foot down, and we are doing it! People need to know about what local food is available to them, where they can get that food, what recipes they can use to cook that food, and know-how to BBQ it in the best way possible. So that’s it then. That’s what we’ll do.

And so the monthly Cooking with Fire newsletter was born. We will be featuring local butchers, farmers and coupling that with recipes and product reviews with the first edition dropping Jan. 31st 2021.

But wait, who shall we help?!  “Local” to us is Grey and Bruce. Situated in Shallow Lake, we know the great potential of our local food sources and want to help other local businesses showcase their food, and help people living or visiting here truly enjoy it!

So help us get the word out and be entered for a giveaway of 1 bottle of Meat Church Voodoo rub. That’s right, do the 3 things below, and you are entered to win.

1. Like us on Facebook
2. Share our Facebook page
3. Subscribe to the newsletter

We’ll announce the winners on January 31st in the first edition of the newsletter.

Thanks everyone! We’re off to start crafting some awesome content for January 31st now!
Happy New Year,

~ The BBQ Supply Co. Team

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